Ten reasons why you should purchase your Piano from The White Plains Piano & Organ Co.

STABILITY - The first thing one must look for when buying an expensive musical instrument is the reputation and stability of the dealer. Unlike other fly by night sellers who drive in with truckloads of repossessed and damaged pianos that nobody wants, we at White Plains Piano Company do not liquidate pianos. We sell fine quality instruments. We have been at our same location for over 25 years and have recently undergone an extensive renovation. We are here when you need us. Musical instruments require service and attention. We happily and professionally provide both.

EXPERIENCE - Our staff has over seventy-five years experience in the piano and organ business. Our technical qualifications and business expertise is second to none. Come in and ask us anything you need to know about the piano you seek to purchase and we will provide you with all the information that you will need. Technical questions? Ask away, we have the answers.

PRICE - White Plains Piano Company guarantees you the lowest price. If, within thirty days of purchase, you find your new piano from a factory authorized dealer for less, bring us proof and we will refund the difference plus ten percent of that difference as a bonus.

QUALITY - All of our new and pre-owned pianos are of the highest quality. We sell only pianos made by the best manufacturers in the world. Our factory trained technicians make sure that each and every piano that leaves our facility will arrive in your home in peak condition.

WARRANTIES - Factory warranties are included on all new instruments and our warranties are included on pre-owned pianos. We will be happy to provide you with details upon your request.

SELECTION - We have an extensive selection of new, pre-owned, and rebuilt pianos for every taste and budget. Steinway, Yamaha, and Story and Clark, among others are well represented in our showroom. New models and pre-owned pianos are regularly restocked to maintain a wide selection for our customers.

PLAYER SYSTEMS - Our factory trained technicians can install and service the most sophisticated and reliable player systems available on the market today. They are available on new pianos and can be retrofitted to fit most pianos. Contact us for more details.

TRADE IN POLICY - Very simply, if you decide to trade up to a new piano within two years of the date of purchase, we will credit you for the entire amount of your initial purchase towards your new instrument. If you want to trade up after two years have passed, come on in, you will find we will be very generous on your trade in.

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